About Include

The world’s first universal language of blockchains

Our Mission

Include is a low-code platform on a mission to democratize Web3 and blockchain wealth creation by empowering millions of creators serving billions of consumers. Through our intuitive UX, we want to make blockchain creation more accessible, decentralized and scalable. By generating multichain contracts across different languages like Solidity, Vyper and Rust, we aspire to serve as the de facto Universal Language of Blockchains.

Our Technology

Include’s core technology translates visual projects into smart contracts without the need to write code. Creators build by using drag-and-drop visual blocks and entering data. Our algorithms check program validity, generate corresponding smart contracts, and support multi-chain deployment.

Our Values

Include levels the playing field for blockchain wealth creation. When more people can create for Web3, we will have a more inclusive, diverse and ultimately, a more successful blockchain ecosystem.


If the power to create for Web3 lies in the hands of the few, we will continue to uphold a system of centralized power in finance. Eradicating technical hurdles ensures the creation process itself is decentralized.


Talent is evenly distributed, but access is not. Include gives access to anyone with a computer and internet connection to become a blockchain creator.


With visual creation, we see the potential for DeFi to grow from the current thousands of Dapps serving millions of early adopters, to millions of Dapps serving billions of mass consumers.

For Creators

Build your own blockchain Dapp for commerce, social good or self expression.

For Developers

Save time and effort by reusing and adapting Dapp components.

For Users

Elevate both work and play on the blockchain with more Dapps.